• Sammy: smoothing video traffic to be a friendly internet neighbor

    Bruce Spang, Shravya Kunamalla, Renata Teixeira, Te-Yuan Huang, Grenville Armitage, Ramesh Johari, Nick McKeown

    SIGCOMM, September 2023
  • Making Video Traffic a Friendlier Internet Neighbor

    Bruce Spang

    PhD Thesis, June 2023 Awarded 2024 SIGCOMM Doctoral Dissertation Award Runner-up
  • Green With Envy: Unfair Congestion Control Algorithms Can Be More Energy Efficient

    Serhat Arslan, Sundararajan Renganathan, Bruce Spang

    HotNets, November 2023
  • Unbiased Experiments in Congested Networks

    Bruce Spang, Veronica Hannan, Shravya Kunamalla, Te-Yuan Huang, Nick McKeown, Ramesh Johari

    IMC, November 2021 Awarded IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize
  • Strong Anonymity for Mesh Messaging

    Neil Perry, Bruce Spang, Saba Eskandarian, Dan Boneh

    Preprint, July 2022
  • Updating the Theory of Buffer Sizing

    Bruce Spang, Serhat Arslan, Nick McKeown

    IFIP Performance, November 2021
  • Coded Trace reconstruction in a constant number of traces

    Joshua Brakensiek, Ray Li, Bruce Spang

    FOCS, November 2020
  • Buffer Sizing and Video QoE Measurements at Netflix

    Bruce Spang, Brady Walsh, Te-Yuan Huang, Tom Rusnock, Joe Lawrence, Nick McKeown

    Buffer Sizing Workshop, December 2019
  • On Estimating the Number of Flows

    Bruce Spang, Nick McKeown

    Buffer Sizing Workshop, December 2019
  • Unconstraining Graph-Constrained Group Testing

    Bruce Spang, Mary Wootters

    APPROX/RANDOM, September 2019
  • MON: Mission-optimized overlay networks

    Bruce Spang, Anirudh Sabnis, Ramesh Sitaraman, Donald Towsley, Brian DeCleene

    IEEE INFOCOM, May 2017 Best in Session Presentation Award
  • Data Purge Distribution and Coherency

    Bruce Spang, Tyler McMullen

    Patent, February 2014
  • Building a Fast and Reliable Purging System

    Bruce Spang

    Fastly Blog, February 2014
  • Color Coding

    Bruce Spang

    Dribbble Blog, May 2011


  • Unbiased Experiments in Congested Networks

    IETF 113, IRTF award talk, March 2022
  • Unbiased Experiments in Congested Networks

    Stanford Causality Conference, November 2021
  • Buffer Sizing and Video QoE Measurements at Netflix

    NANOG 78 - San Francisco, February 2020
  • On the Detection of Defective Members of Large Populations

    Papers we Love SF, November 2019
  • Developing a Globally Distributed Purging System

    Velocity Barcelona, November 2014
  • Bimodal Multicast

    Papers we Love SF, May 2014

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